Setters and Hitters
Camp & Clinic

Quality, Customized, Expert-level  Volleyball Training 

Working with a professional coach and former international volleyball player, the Top Level program is designed to take your volleyball skills to the next level. With a select number of players, we focus on technique, quality, and game strategy. The program is designed to maximize individualized attention and to allow for subtle issues of form and technique to be addressed.  

 The Top Level program requires previous volleyball playing experience and is geared to grades 8-12.

 The Top Level program focuses on advanced drills that elevate players' strength, skills, and instinct on the court.

The program is designed to enhance performance and understanding of the game.

Get ready for your next club and school season! 


What will you be working on?


  • Setters will be working on advancing their ball control techniques

  • Dealing with difficult situations on the court

  • Setting consistency

  • How to control the game tempo

  • How to finish the set and the game successfully


  • Hitters will be working on high-level hitting techniques that differentiate you from others.

  • How to hit to score in different scenarios and situations

  • When to hit and tip.

  • Repetitive hitting from live settings.

  • Passing and hitting.

More skills and tips will be taught during the program's duration. 

We highly encourage you to sign up for this clinic as you will experience high-level professional volleyball training that will make an impact on your next tryouts at your school and club.